(via 500px / I Can’t Hear You by Scott E. Allen)

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A Team of Four by Dalia Kvedaraite

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Andean Emerald by Juan Carlos Vindas

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Breathe by Francisco Miranda

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Comet Moth - Argema mittrei by hittischolz on Flickr.

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(via 500px / Serval by Johannes Wapelhorst)

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(via 500px / bengal tiger cubs by Syahrul Ramadan)

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Archive Poster now allows you to see your dashboard as an archive!

Oh, and here are the blogs I follow. :)

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(via 500px / Green bee eater pair by Sanjay Tiwari)

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(via 500px / Cottontail dash by Justin Russo)

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(via 500px / Sleepy Shetland Otter by Gary Buchan)

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(via 500px / Shining Honeycreeper (Cyanerpes lucidus) perched on a branch by Chris Jimenez)

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(via 500px / Red Fox with Kit by Mike Clark)

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(via 500px / Green by Markus van Hauten)

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(via 500px / The Littlest Predator by Kerry Freebird)

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